Meet the Speaker: Marcia Reynolds

We recently asked Marcia a few questions so you can get to know one of our CTL + ALT + DEL speakers. Check it out..

What is your passion?

I am deeply passionate about anger as a powerful force for change. I teach people that there are no bad emotions, just unproductive reactions that stem from emotions we try to ignore. Whereas people willingly talk to me about fear, they avoid anger, misaligning it with hatred and violence. The more I talk to people about my TEDx Atlanta talk, the more I realize how important it will be. We need to partner with, not deny our anger. I look forward to sharing how anger saved my life. Anger can fuel our resilience and determination to succeed.

How did you decide to pursue your current career?

 My first masters degree was in broadcasting – I was hoping to use my skills to shine a light on the faults of our criminal justice system. Even with my degree, I faced brick walls when seeking support for my projects. Out of survival, I took a job pushing around AV equipment for a psychiatric hospital, which was a part of the Training Department. Three months later, I was assigned to deliver all the leadership training programs. I learned as I taught about the value for leaders to engage in respectful two-way conversations. Coaching and the science of emotional intelligence helped me understand the power of presence and active listening. I now teach people how to have meaningful conversations world-wide. The journey has been fascinating and fulfilling. I am honored to be named by Global Gurus as the #5 coach in the world!

What did you learn about yourself during the process of preparing your talk?  

 Whenever I am in the middle of writing something – a book, speech, workshop, blog post – I question if what I’m saying is insightful and valuable for others. I get so familiar with the content, I lose perspective on it’s impact. Normally, I am reminded of the value of my work after it is out by the feedback I receive. What’s wonderful about preparing this talk is working with my coach, Hayley Foster. She pushes me to  ensure my words are clear and relatable, and also pinpoints the gems that make the difference, keeping my confidence intact throughout the process. I love working with a speaking coach!

What drives you during challenging times?

I have a mission and vision to make every conversation a meaningful experience. This means I want  people to feel seen, heard, and valued, no matter what they are feeling (including anger) and how their views may differ from my own. I know when we have these conversations, we can discover how to move forward with purpose and pride. When I remember the value of my work, my fears subside. Then I can focus on the gratitude I feel for being able to teach these skills to leaders and coaches world-wide.