TEDxAtlanta 2024

“The Future We Create”

Center Stage, Midtown

Friday, September 13, 2024

9:00 am – 6:15 pm

We stand on the edge of tomorrow. The possibilities ahead are vast: Some tantalizing, ripe with potential, and others terrifying.

For TEDxAtlanta 2024, we are seeking ideas that move us closer toward a future where technology and nature are in harmony, societies fuse in unity and innovation dances with tradition.

Explore community in an interconnected world. Ponder the interplay of art and resilience in the face of change? What roles will science and ethics play in the choices we make?

The conference will be a clarion call to action, urging every thinker, doer, and dreamer to play an active role in designing our collective destiny.

Will you join us for a day of reimagination? 

Coming up in May

MAY 16
TEDxAtlanta Salon

TEDxAtlanta Salons feature a TED Talk video, and discussion lead by subject matter experts. In the spirit of TEDx where learning and insights emerge from all directions, both groups – experts and attendees – gain insights from the conversations.

The TEDxAtlanta Salon at the Kendeda Building at GA Tech will focus on Sustainability and feature Emily Grubert’s TED Talk “What happens to gas stations when the world goes electric?” Subject matter experts will guide small group discussions to help build appreciation for the complexities that are encapsulated in the transition from infrastructure built on fossil fuels to clean energy.

Salon Subject Matter Experts:

Debra Lam, Founding Executive Director, Partnership for Inclusive Innovation
Sumner Pomeroy, Clean Transportation Program Manager at Clean Cities-Georgia

Jen Singh, Sustainability Catalyst at the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech

Cynthia Curry, Cleantech Ecosystem Expansion at Metro Atlanta Chamber

Michelle Midanier, Clean Energy Programs Associate at the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Sustainability & Resilience

Space is extremely limited! Please only register if you can commit to attending.

This salon is made possible by:

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What is TEDxAtlanta?

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