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Friday, May 19, 2023

TEDxAtlanta 2023: WE RISE

From the ripple effects of isolation to the challenges brought on by economic and geo-political uncertainty, we’ve all felt the affects of this extraordinary chapter of humanity. What inspires us to rise to the occasion? What fuels perseverance? What drives triumph over adversity? 

TEDxAtlanta 2023: WE RISE brings us together for a day of exploration, discovery and dialogue. 

From the science of advice to the secrets of city bees, the flavor takeover in drink culture to the quiet revolution in cancer care, and wisdom from the world’s largest fish to voluntourism and the fight against human re-trafficking, WE RISE celebrates human resilience and ingenuity, our interconnectedness and the beauty of the world around us through the lens of 15 thinkers, makers and storytellers.

Meet our 2023 Speakers taking the stage to share their ideas worth spreading.

Andrew McConnell, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Andrew McConnell

Entrepreneur, author

Andrew McConnell believes the keys to living well in a chaotic world lay in the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism.

Anthony Law

Dr. Anthony Law

Laryngologist, research scientist

Dr. Anthony Law’s ground-breaking research is forging a new frontier in laryngeal cancer detection and treatment.

Kris Braman, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Kris Braman

Bee advocate, entomologist

Kris Braman works at the intersection of pollinator health, ecology and conservation.

Gerry Chen 2023 Speaker

Gerry Chen


A dreamer and maker, Gerry envisions a world where we perceive robots as empowering rather than threatening.

Susan Cohen, 2023 Speaker

Susan Cohen

Entrepreneurship researcher

Leading scholar on entrepreneurship and innovation and one of the foremost experts on startup accelerators.

Isabel González Whitaker, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Isabel González Whitaker

Civic engagement evangelist

Isabel González Whitaker believes engaging civically is not only a right, it is every citizen's responsibility.

Joe Bankoff, 2023 Speaker

Joe Bankoff

Civic leader

Joe believes upholding the tenets of representative democracy is a cornerstone to building more sustainable, equitable and resilient communities.

Debra Lam, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Debra Lam

Inclusive innovation champion

A force to reckon with in the global movement to create a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all.

Anant Madabhushi, 2023 Speaker

Anant Madabhushi

AI health researcher, biomedical engineer

Anant’s pioneering work in medical imaging and AI is revolutionizing cancer care.

Moe Ari Brown, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Moe Ari Brown

Therapist, LGBTQIA+ advocate

Moe Ari envisions a world where all people experience belonging and love just for being who they are.

Sydney Scherr, 2023 Speaker

Sydney Scherr

Re-trafficking prevention champion

Renowned jewelry designer and educator dedicating her life to ending the re-trafficking of children.

Alistair Dove, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Alistair Dove

Marine biologist

A globally renowned marine biologist and leading authority on the biology of whale sharks.

Tara Stoinski, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Tara Stoinski

Primatologist, conservationist

Renowned primatologist dedicated to ending the illegal wildlife trade and stopping the exploitation of great apes in captivity.

Dr Monisha Pujari

Dr. Monisha Pujari

Palliative & hospice physician

Believes that striving to die well is an extension of striving to live well and she has dedicated her life to helping patients proactively manage their decline.

Omar Inan, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Omer Inan

Biomedical engineer, inventor

Leading the wearable technologies revolution in modern healthcare.


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