Bill James - Tomorrow's Solar Transportation

Through a networked transportation system of JPods, Bill James believes we can overcome our dependence on foreign oil and live within a solar budget by 2020. .

John McFall - Dance as a Process

John McFall demonstrates that dance is not about learning steps, and it's not about the grand performance. It's a process that opens an opportunity to express oneself and to understand oneself.

Linton Hopkins - Creativity vs. Chaos

Atlanta native and four-time James Beard Award Nominee, Linton Hopkins shares his passion for creating meticulous house-made dishes using naturally raised meats and proteins and fresh, local produce.

Elizabeth Turk - The Construction of Emotion

Studying the forms that the forces of nature create has made Elizabeth Turk a force of nature herself. Watch as she talks about the influences, tools and time commitment that allow her to transform reclaimed blocks of marble into intricate, gravity-defying sculpture

Michael Ouweleen - The Day I Became Funny

Being funny means more than making people laugh. Michael Ouweleen shows us how humor is the most useful and humanizing tool in the face of degrading reality or intense tragedy.

Morality without religion | Frans de Waal

Human morality is older than our current religions, and may go back to tendencies observable in other mammals. In a bottom-up view of morality, this talk is one man's road to discovering an array of positive tendencies in animals at a time when competition and aggression were the only themes.

Adriane B. Randolph - Your Brain: The Ultimate Remote Control

Brain-computer interfaces allow the brain to control computers and other devices with brain signals. While not all humans have the degree of control over their neuro-physiological signals to leverage these interfaces, certain individual characteristics have been identified that predict our ability to do so. What is your ability for mind-control?

John Copenhaver - Crisis Rethink

From earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes to oil spills, the threat to the world's communities has never been greater. With national and regional resources dwindling, how do communities re-learn the lessons of self-sufficient resilience? What must happen to reframe emergency preparedness and go back to the future?

Sarah Miller Caldicott - Inventing the Future, Edison Style

Can we learn to be innovative? What factors allow us to establish a vibrant relationship with the future? Thomas Edison's great grand niece, Sarah Miller Caldicott, will retrace her famous relative's footsteps and explore his timeless methods in a talk that will inspire and inform.

The Holmes Brothers - On the Edge

With their amazing three-part harmonies, the Holmes Brothers sing about friendship, aging, illness, and even current politics that inspire and humor the audience

Dr. Charles Raison - We're Fighting The Wrong Enemy

Dr. Charles Raison believes our survival as a species depends on finding better ways to deal with our enemies. But who is the real enemy?

Radcliffe Bailey - Some Say Art History, I Say Art Mystery

Speaking from the heart about his life's work, Radcliffe Bailey shares his internal process for creating art that heals the lost kinship between people

Viktor Venson - No Right Brain Left Behind

On a mission to find out how creativity can be harnessed for good, Viktor Venson ignites the creative class with a one-week challenge to bring creativity back into U.S. schools.

Margaret Baldwin - The Power of Dialogue

"Assume nothing. Notice everything. Make something... happen." Playwright of Night Blooms, Margaret Baldwin, shares her creative process while dealing with questions about race, identity and human rights.

Victoria Rowell - The Genesis of Creativity

Victoria Rowell's remarkable career as a dancer, actor and author is not only proof that creativity has many mothers, but proof again that life can be so much more creative than fiction dare even imagine.

Perceptions are Reality. Or Are They? An Immigrant's Journey: Ekaterina Walter

Russian immigrant Ekaterina Walter serves in a global role for one of the most recognized brands in the world. She will share her transformative 13-year journey in her adopted country - the United States. And how her experiences have left all changed in unexpected ways.

Autism: disruptions in early human social adaptation mechanisms: Ami Klin

World renowned autism authority Dr. Ami Klin takes a deeper look at autism beyond its widely acknowledged genetic origins. He explores how autism results when the evolutionarily conserved and developmentally early emerging mechanisms of social adaptation, such as the mutually reinforcing choreography between infant and caregiver, are disrupted.

CORE Performance Company

Committed since 1980 to innovation, artistic risk-taking and collaboration, CORE (formerly Several Dancers Core), a professional dance organization, creates, performs, and presents contemporary dance.


Teresa Amabile - The Progress Principle

Teresa Amabile draws from her new book The Progress Principle to explain how companies can overcome the "crisis of disengagement" occurring in the workplace.

Hugh Acheson - Slow Food with a Twist

A fan of "farm to fork", Hugh Acheson makes the case for local food through the eyes of one farmer, Tim, and his mule, Luke.

Sally Hogshead - How to Fascinate

In today's world of 9-second attention spans, our introductions mean more-than-ever before. Sally Hogshead reveals the seven triggers of fascination and how to get others to fall in love with your ideas, instantly.  

India.Arie & Idan Raichel - Open Door

India.Arie touched a deep emotional chord by sharing her personal model for creating, and stories of how her life and success have both challenged and strengthened her belief in that model. The fruits of that model were then evident as India and Idan Raichel performed songs from their upcoming CD, Open Door.

Michael Horn - Toward Student-Centric Learning

Can digital learning revolutionize the American education system? Can it transform the current status quo to a student-centric one in which each student receives personalized learning according to his or her unique needs? Michael Horn explores these issues and more in his talk.

Richard Cope - Inventions: An Anatomical Discourse

How did a perfume sprayer create a new industry? Why did the demand for large-screen TVs help create the iPhone? How do inventions come about? Multiple patent-holder Rick Cope dissects the genesis of inventions in a talk that promises to surprise and inspire.

Atlanta Music Project - Teaching Artists

Inspired by El Sistema, the Atlanta Music Project is a 5-day-a-week, after-school, youth orchestra and choir program targeting underserved communities in metropolitan Atlanta.

Courtney Spence - The Transformative Power of Multimedia Storytelling

When a catastrophe devastates a community, how do they rebuild their communities in both landscape and spirit? Courtney Spence talks about the power of multimedia storytelling as a tool for giving voice to those affected to tell their powerful stories of survival, hope and rebuilding and the unexpected impact these have on the storyteller