Performance: Phillip Roebuck

One-man band Phillip Roebuck simultaneously honors and modernizes the American folk-music tradition. Thank you to Turner Studios for providing in-kind video production services for TEDxAtlanta.

The demise of manufacturing is killing the American dream: Matt and Carrie Eddmenson

Matt + Carrie Eddmenson, the duo behind Imogene+Willie, lay out their made-by-hand plan for reviving the American Dream.

Getting antigravity: Doc Waller

Performance artist Doc Waller challenges the idea of staying "grounded" and makes his case for developing the antigravity needed to "float" to what's next in your life.

Using art to heal troubled and broken places: Monica Campana

Monica Campana, founder of Living Walls, shows how transforming abandoned walls into art not only starts conversations, but changes our relationship to our city.


The universal role of music: Robert Spano

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra music director, Robert Spano traces history to show the connection of music and community, and reveals his ability to merge classical with contemporary by playing an original composition.

Literacy in a networked society: Rhonda Lowry

Rhonda Lowry explains identity in the digital age through her own avatar, Grace McDunnough, who is a well-known musical performer in Second Life.


The rise and limits of food trucks: Greg Smith

Greg Smith talks about how food trucks fill more than just empty stomachs. These entrepreneurs go out of their way to fill the gaps in access to food.




Boxes: Dana Marie Lupton

For a young Dana Lupton, her wish for an Afro collided at the intersection of self-expression and activism. Dana tells how her family transcended deep-rooted social boundaries of the time to embrace a higher ground.

Move mountains - The power of the anti-hero: Geoff Livingston

Geoff Livingston makes a vigorous argument for the power of the everyman to affect change.

Street Lotto and Sara VonZine


Space Between: Daniel Weingarten


Math: Oncology's New Best Friend: Tim Fox

The impact of a big data approach to radiology treatment plans and its long term impact on cancer patient management and outcomes.

Jazz is democracy in sound: Kabir Sehgal

Author and jazz musician Kabir Sehgal believes democracy -- like jazz -- requires a firm foundation but comes to life through improvisation.

How to win a ticker-tape parade in shreveport: Brandon Oldenburg

Oscar-Award winner Brandon Oldenburg weaves an incredible story about the new tricks Moonbot has brought to storytelling

Missions need markets: Michael Moreland

A leader in global social enterprise, Michael Moreland teaches us how philanthropic market intervention can help us discover new markets and new applications of our skills.

What the oil industry can learn from termites: Dr. Joy Peterson

Bioscientist Dr. Joy Doran Peterson shows us that termites are "natural biorefineries" that can help us transition from our petroleum-based economy to one powered by renewable biofuels.


Live music matters: Eddie Owen

Eddie Owen, founder of Eddie's Attic, shares stories about why live music matters not just to singers and songwriters, but to the community


Life-saving lessons in action: Richard Harding

Using lessons learned from movie making, Richard Harding shared stories of overcoming hurdles to make END MALARIA NOW successful in distributing life-saving bed nets

Hip hop for humanity: Judy Mauldin

Judy Mauldin shares how Atlanta's own Hip Hop culture can spark the entrepreneurial spirit of youth around the world as part of the United Nations' compendium of organizations that solve social and economic issues.

On Musical Robots and Robotic Musicians: Gil Weinberg

Robots assemble cars, clean floors, and even disarm bombs. But what if they are capable of developing the creative and improvisational skills of human musicians?


Evereman is 4U: Evereman

The reclusive founder of the Evereman public art project talks about the impact of co-operation over competition and the power in giving.


Revel in the Physical: Ayoka Chenzira

Exploration of the value and meaning in physical objects despite an increasingly digital world through art that combines material objects with digital environments.

The neuroscience of emotion: Kerry Ressler

Fear is a powerful, yet primitive, emotion that is also the root of much violence, war and suffering. Understanding the neuroscience of fear and how we overcome it has the power to change the world.

Early detection of Alzheimer's disease: Elli Kaplan

The best time to treat Alzheimer's Disease is likely to be before memory loss and tissue destruction occurs . . .

Curating as my craft: Chris Brown

Refueled magazine creator Chris Brown crafts stories of heritage, community and the new-again DIY spirit.

Global neural network cloud service for breast cancer detection: Brittany Wenger

High school senior Brittany Wenger explains how her love of asking questions turned into a Google-award-winning, cloud-based artificial intelligence program for diagnosing breast cancer ... that will also blow your mind.

Hope for the craftsman: Brian Preston

Former home builder Brian Preston tells of the journey and characters that led to starting Lamon Luther, a furniture company that gives homeless men opportunity and hope.

Performance: Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins is one of the voices of the Atlanta community, having grown up in Clarkston. His folk rock storytelling has made him one of the city's most successful stars, from his breakout success "Lullaby" to his most recent hit, "Light You Up."

Our collective community responsibility: Judith J. Pickens”

Judith J. Pickens of Boys and Girls Clubs, opens our eyes to what can happen in the life of a child when connections, contributions and cohesion work together as forces of good in a community.  


The secret to creating the beloved community: Doug Shipman

Doug Shipman simplifies community to the simple act of "love thy neighbor."


A model neighborhood general store: Doria Roberts

Doria Roberts reveals the five essential ingredients that make up an ideal neighborhood store that serves the people.


The tongue - a new human computer interface: Maysam Ghovanloo

Maysam demonstrates his invention, which allows those with ALS or high-level spinal cord injuries to access computers and maneuver their wheelchairs with nothing but their tongues.


Tune up your mental GPS: Sucheta Kamath

Underperforming human prefrontal lobes create roadblocks in goal driven life and meaningful interpersonal relationships. Sucheta discusses how installing this missing navigational system is crucial to living a full life.

The Kinship Economy: J Walker Smith

How closing the gap on distant connections is incubating a Kinship Economy and channeling the future of commerce, culture, creed and, indeed, the whole character of life.

Mind games - Transcending the messiness of mental illness: Amber Naslund


Does our future require us to go back to nature?: Ashok K. Goel

Ashok Goel challenges well-worn notions of design and creativity and makes a powerful case for bio-inspired design wherein nature serves as the ultimate inspiration for design innovation and sustainability.