HeaveN Beatbox "Deconstructed beatboxing for all"

Watch beatboxing champion HeaveN share his personal journey and give an electric performance that underscores the universal language of music and gives us a glimpse of the mechanics of beatboxing.

Genna Duberstein "Can the sun rekindle our sense of wonder?"

In this inspiring talk, Genna makes a compelling argument that "both art and science are forms of exploration" and goes on to remind us of the importance of keeping our child-like wonder.

Keith McGreggor "Fractal thinking"

Keith takes his maxim: "Be an explorer of the world" to heart as he provides a persuasive and illuminating approach to developing artificial agents in this informative and thought-provoking talk.

Melody Moore Jackson "Can Wearable Computing for Dogs Keep Humans Safer?"

The earliest record of dogs assisting humans with disabilities dates back to ancient Rome, in the first century A.D.

Storyboard P"The Basquiat of street dance"

Freestyling to music in real-time, Storyboard P demonstrates how he's using dance to elevate the genre and change the conversation along the way.


Carol Naughton"Sustainable community designs for social impact"

Through groundbreaking alliances in housing and education, business and government, Purpose Built Communities is creating a new model for development with social impact.

Jen Hidinger "A community support model from crisis"

A Community Support Model From Crisis Jen Hidinger shares how an unanticipated crisis is creating a breakthrough approach to community support and a dream fulfilled.

Thomas Stokell "Solving transportation needs through cycling"

Thomas Stokell encourages us to utilize successes in cycling adoption and adaptation to solve transportation needs.

Abby Norman "This is my body"

A provocative talk on rape culture.

Christopher Erk "Tap dance or beatbox? An epic battle"

This can't miss battle between professional tap dancer and beatboxing champion exemplifies the universal language of music and dance. The improvised performance captivated both TEDx organizer and the audience alike!

Thad Starner "Can learning the piano rehab partial spinal cord injury patients?"

Google Glass Tech Lead Thad Starner's childhood interactions with residents at the nursing home where his mother served as a nurse influenced his work on developing tech for individuals with disabilities. This facinating talk explores how learning to play the piano can help partial spinal cord injury patients with rehab.

Adam Marcus “Precision Medicine When Every Cancer IS Personal”

What if we could treat cancer based on the type of "influencer" cell was causing the metastasis and not based on the site the cancer was located? Adam shares his research in this area.

Lonnie Johnson"Revolutionary designs for energy alternatives"

Through a combination of scientific establishment and independent inventor credentials, Lonnie Johnson is creating green technologies that will revolutionize our approach to energy solutions.

Laura Flusche "Design for social impact"

Laura Flusche describes how we all should look at the world with an eye for changing it through design.

Ted Ullrich "Changing the aim of American entrepreneurship"

With design and innovation reshaping every sector of industry, Ted Ullrich, reminds us that American entrepreneurship should also aim to solve key societal challenges.

Dr. Corey Keyes "A positive approach to healthcare"

Through positive psychology, Dr. Corey Keyes is shifting the emphasis in our healthcare system from fixing what is wrong with people to developing what is right.

Derek Fridman "Virtual reality for pre-visualization"

Virtual reality and memories.

Erico Mattos "Lighting up indoor farming"

What if we could reduce the amount of light - and therefore energy consumption - needed for indoor farming? Erico Mattos has found a way to let plants tell us just how much light they need.

Chantelle Rytter "Civic play -- the ultimate social tonic"

Chantelle's mantra: to work is human, to play is divine permeates every part of her life and her works. She has not only impacted neighborhoods in good times, her contagious joy has also served to lift communities in their darkest hour including residents of a post-Katrina New Orleans.

Ion Popian "Mental fabrications"

Ion shares his vision of using technology to visualize and translate our subconsciousness into 3D objects or sculpture and using these can be used to inspire architectural designs that will create more harmonius spaces.

Shannon Zirbel "Can origami advance space exploration?"

Current space missions to outer planets are unmanned due to the long periods of time to make the journey and technological limitations. Shannon Zirbel shows us the work being done in solar panels - the main source of power for missions - that could transform space exploration.

Aidan Sullivan"A day without news?"

With the principles of his profession and personal connections of his career, Aidan Sullivan is increasing awareness, support and protection of journalists and news through advocacy and diplomacy.

Andrew Losowsky "The power of publishing platforms"

With a fascination for real-life stories and the power they hold, Andrew Losowsky wants to change who we listen to, and how we listen.


Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald "Improving early child development with words"

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald is leveraging the simple practice of talking to babies and toddlers to nourish their brains and set them up for better performance in school and life.

Susan Booth "Arts as catalyst for the health of cities"

Susan Booth teaches that the arts are a catalytic and casual factor in the health of a city, from ancient greek civilization to the way we live today.