Beth Malone "The Ripple effects of artist interventions"

When artist, curator Beth Malone set out to create opportunities for artists to create what she calls "big art", she never imagined that projects would have a lasting economic impact.

Brett Trapp “Preacher’s Kid. Football Player. And..Gay?”

Brett Trapp gives a poignant talk about coming to terms with being gay in a deeply religious community in the American south with a surprising realization about himself and the community.

Barbara O. Rothbaum "Can Behavior Be Influenced By The Virtual World?"

Psychologist Barbara Rothbaum has been using VR to successfully treat phobias since the mid-1990s. She shares her recent success in treating PTSD in soldiers returning from the Middle East.

Jim Beasley “Chernobyl 30 Years Later”

Wildlife ecologist Jim Beasley studies the effects of human activities on wildlife, and comes to a stunning conclusion about one of the most poisoned places on the planet, the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.  

Steven M. Platek “Why what we know about psychology is wrong”

With illustrative examples of breakthroughs over the last 10 years, Steven M. Platek makes a convincing case for why scientists ought to continue to apply evolutionary theory to the study of brain and behavior.

Heval Mohamed Kelli “Invest in refugees; invest in America's future”

It took former Syrian refugee Heval Mohamed Kelli 10 years to travel the one mile from the restaurant where he washed dishes to becoming a cardiologist giving back.

Rohit Malhotra “How To restore trust in the government”

Distrust between Government and the People is at an all-time high. Community organizer and entrepreneur Rohit Malhotra says both groups have to spend more time together and really listen to each other.

Eloisa Klementich “Take Risks. Govern like an entrepreneur.”

Economic development expert Eloisa Klementich makes a powerful case for an entrepreneurial approach to government and the impact it can have everywhere.

Peter Maeck “A finer madness”

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. Peter Maeck, playwright, poet, photographer, and teacher, describes his brush with depression in a style all of his own.

Full Radius Dance “The future of energy tech”

The company’s composition of professional dancers with and without physical disabilities illustrates the belief that inclusion in the performing arts is capable of creating power, beauty and innovation.

Anneliese Singh “Let's talk about gender, and high-profile media coverage”

Scholar and transgender youth advocate Anneliese Singh discusses high-profile media coverage of trans-people and makes the case for why transgender liberation is for everyone. 

Animesh Koratana “Creating A.I. that thinks like humans”

Animesh Koratana envisions a world where medical research on the human brain for cures to diseases can be done on artificially created brains that think and behave just like human brains.

Moe Carrick “Workplaces fit for humans”

Moe Carrick reveals findings from research done on the workplace and how companies and supervisors can foster a culture that values relationships.

Kathleen Baumgardner “A space that inspired a community”

Kathleen Baumgardner believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and have access to healthy food. With these core beliefs, she set out to open a nonprofit restaurant where patrons pay what they can afford.