Tejas Athni "Fighting brain cancer: nature could hold the key"

High school senior takes us on his journey to discovering a plant compound that could hold the key to fighting one of the deadliest forms of cancer: glioblastoma multiforme or GBM.

Cara Turano Snow “When a penny means so much more”

Technology executive Cara Turano Snow shows us how the humble penny helped her honor her late mother, and set her on the path to activating her community of friends, neighbors, and colleagues for social good.

Jason Martin "Teaching outside the box"

Award-winning teacher and school turnaround expert Jason Martin believes that the zip code in which a child was born should not determine whether she has access to science, technology, engineering, art, and math education.

Justin Daniels “Why you hold the key to cybersecurity”

An eye-opening talk about the interconnectedness of technology networks and power grids, and the inherent vulnerabilities and what we, the people, can do to minimize our exposure.  

Erich Netherton “The music of things”

Award-winning sound designer, audio engineer, and session drummer Erich Netherton is known for pulling unexpected sounds and textures from his instruments and unsuspecting objects.

Krzysztof Czaja “Why many diets fail; it’s not what you think”

What if nonfat foods are actually making us less likely to lose weight? Neuroscientist Krzysztof Czaja's research focuses on obesity and finding no-surgical ways to overcome it.

Rickey Bevington “The future of news media is in everyone's hands”

In this heartfelt talk, two-time Emmy Award winner Rickey Bevington lays out how restoring the contract between the news media and the people will require us to become savvier consumers of news.

Susan Sparks “Laughing our way to world peace”

Reverand Susan Sparks gives a funny talk about laughter being the best medicine to help us see our common humanity. Susan tours nationally with a rabbi and a Muslim comic in the Laugh in Peace Tour.

Jasmine Crowe “Hunger is a question of logistics; not scarcity”

Jasmine Crowe is a docu-series producer and entrepreneur whose projects addressing hunger, poverty, and access to education have positively impacted vulnerable communities in the US, the United Kingdom, and Haiti. 

Matt Meister “This is uncovering the secrets of the Antarctic. Tomorrow…?”

Matt Meister is a trained engineer but he is really an explorer at heart. In this talk, he shows us the underwater drone that is gathering the information needed to get us ready to explore if there is life on Europa, a moon of Jupiter! 

Siana Altiise “The relationship between color and music”

Siana Altiise uses her extrasensory condition synesthesia to compose songs according to their vivid color patterns, giving life to emotions that music evokes in mental paintings.

Louise Wasilewski “A new approach to overcoming prison overcrowding”

Louise Wasilewski is an accomplished business leader and former aerospace engineer who believes in second chances. She shares a surprising cause of recidivism and how to avoid it.

Bill Nussey “The future of energy is local”

Serial CEO Bill Nussey has created thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in value throughout his career. Learning that the cost of solar and wind-generated energy was now competitive with fossil fuels led to an epiphany.

James Beckerman “Getting heart healthy: The missing ingredient”

Cardiologist James Beckerman has dedicated his career to heart health as cardiologist and medical director of the Providence Heart Institute’s Basecamp Cardiac Prevention + Wellness initiative.

Juana Mendenhall “A new way to treat worn knee cartilage”

Juana Mendenhall, an associate professor
of chemistry at Morehouse College, has invented a non-surgical way to repair worn knee cartilage.