Omer Inan,
biomedical engineer, inventor

Omar Inan headshot

Omer Inan creates medical devices and systems that improve human health and well-being. He believes that wearable technology can revolutionize healthcare by providing personalized feedback, improving diagnosis, and enhancing treatment.

Anant Madabhushi,
AI health researcher, biomedical engineer

Anant Madabhushi, 2023 Speaker

What if AI can be used to unlock the secrets hidden in medical images and data that human eyes cannot see? What if the aggressiveness of cancer tumors can be predicted more accurately and treatments tailored more precisely to save lives?

Alistair Dove,
marine biologist

Alistair Dove, TEDxAtlanta 2023

Alistair “Al” Dove is one of the foremost experts on the whale shark, the world’s largest fish. He is a leading voice in marine research and education inspiring audiences around the world with his passion, expertise and storytelling skills.

Joe Bankoff,
civic leader

Joe Bankoff

Joe believes that upholding the tenets of representative democracy is a cornerstone to building more sustainable, equitable and resilient communities.

Gerry Chen,

Gerry Chen 2023 Speaker

A dreamer and maker, Gerry envisions a world where we perceive robots as empowering rather than threatening.