Andrew Losowsky

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The power of publishing platforms

Andrew Losowsky is a publishing innovator who makes books, magazines and websites that change people's perspectives and expand their worlds.


When a volcano erupted in Iceland and canceled flights around the world, Losowsky turned the experience of being stranded into a magazine. The day he got lost in Florence, Italy, he converted his confusion into a book. When a friend fell sick without insurance, he made a newsprint publication that has so far raised more than $14,000 for his friend's care. When Losowsky's neighborhood was without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York, he conceived an information first aid kit for communities to create their own news outlets, which he is currently developing at Stanford University.

Fascinated by real-life stories beyond the obvious, he has written numerous books on independent publishing, journalistic storytelling and editorial creativity, and was a Senior Editor at The Huffington Post. He co-directs The Museum on Site, a collaboration that creates site-specific experiences using techniques from museums, advertising, theater and art to help people understand their worlds.