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Jason Martin - Teaching Outside of the Box

Award-winning teacher and school turnaround expert Jason Martin believes that the zip code in which a child was born should not determine whether she has access to science, technology, engineering, art, and math education.

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Jill Perry-Smith - What Helps Unlock Our Inner Creativity?

Organizational behaviorist Jill Perry-Smith is fascinated by social ties and creative problem-solving at the workplace. She shares her latest research findings on the surprising role friends play in creative problem solving at work.

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Dr. James Beckerman - Getting Heart Healthy: The Missing Ingredient

Cardiologist James Beckerman has dedicated his career to heart health as cardiologist and medical director of the Providence Heart Institute’s Basecamp Cardiac Prevention + Wellness initiative and he believes changing habits is about more than just education.

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Barbara O. Rothbaum - Can Behavior be Influenced by the Virtual World?

Psychologist Barbara Rothbaum has been using VR to successfully treat phobias since the mid-1990s. She shares her recent success in treating PTSD in soldiers returning from the Middle East.

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