HeaveN Beatbox & The Atlanta Celli

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When Beatbox Meets Classical

U.S.-based Crossover Beatboxer Steven “HeaveN Beatbox” Cantor grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta and began beatboxing at the age of 14 with alternative rock serving as inspiration. HeaveN was invited to tour with legendary dance group HaviKoro in India as part of the American Voices Program.

In 2012, HeaveN received his bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and was crowned the American Vice-Beatbox Champion. HeaveN toured the country with the renowned UniverSoul Circus the following year making appearances on USA Morning News, Good Morning America, Austin’s Revolt TV, NPR, and the BBC .

He recently completed a tour of the U.K. and Japan.

Catch him in a featured guest spot on PBS program Music Voyager which is set to air domestically and in 120 other countries in 2016.

Celli is a group of four classically-trained cellists that push the boundaries of traditional cello music. They enjoy performing the intricacies of classical music but are just as likely to be found playing eclectic arrangements of rock and pop songs as well as their own original works. Whether on stage in a traditional concert hall or in a late-night rock club, Celli shatters any preconceived notions of what it means to be a cellist.