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Tee Faircloth

Tee Faircloth is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Coordinated Care Inc (CCI) a health care tech startup focused on creating sustainable solutions to the rural health crisis. For Tee, CCI is the culmination of a twenty-plus year entrepreneurial career, driven by a commitment to developing innovative solutions and a passion for ideas.

Tee began his career as a member of the final Salomon Brothers Training Program - made famous (and notorious) in Michael Lewis’s first book, Liar’s Poker – eventually becoming the youngest trading desk head on Wall Street, specializing in turning around distressed industries and companies. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of his own upscale safari brand on Madison Avenue. F.M. Allen combined a high-tech fashion line, with British campaign antiques and a travel division focused on safari conservation. It was named Best of New York by New York Magazine and Zagat’s, and became a preferred haunt of Vogue editor, Anna Wintour.

In the years since, leveraging his experience at Salomon and with F.M. Allen, Tee has harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for innovation to launch and turn around a number of businesses across the country. Spurred by a doctor friend practicing in rural Georgia, he began to focus on the challenges of the rural health crisis. Tee conceived and founded CCI to make a difference to the 70 million Americans who depend on rural health care, securing access to care and generating economic stability. CCI offers rural and urban hospitals a clinical protocol and HIPAA-compliant platform that ultimately helps bring needed revenue to struggling rural hospitals, while freeing up urban hospital beds for more profitable patients in need of acute care, all while more patients receive the right care in the right care setting.

With the emergence of CCI, Tee has become a thought leader in the rural health arena, working with legislators, state governments, academic institutions, and national rural health advocates to drive innovation in rural health care that can benefit patient care and hospitals alike.