Partnership for Inclusive Innovation

The Partnership for Inclusive Innovation (Partnership), led by founding Executive Director Debra Lam, a TEDxAtlanta 2023 Atlanta conference speaker, was founded to catalyze communities and individuals into creating solutions and pursuing innovations that solve problems and maximize individual potential.

A collaboration of leading private companies across Georgia and learning institutions including Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia, the Partnership leverages its resources to advance technology and innovation in an equitable manner statewide.

As Lam said in her talk, innovation is not just about creating cutting-edge technologies or revolutionary products; it’s also about ensuring that these advancements benefit everyone in society.

Central to its mission is a philosophy that innovation and great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. Actively promoting diversity and ensuring that all voices are heard creates a future framework for more successful outcomes because all stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute and succeed.

It’s why since its formation in 2020, the Partnership has been focused on breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances. It’s about recognizing the unique perspectives and talents that each person brings to the table and harnessing those strengths to drive collective progress.

Leveraging technology innovations and being intentional about problem solving, has led to local communities to harness artificial intelligence to improve healthcare outcomes and prevent water drownings, and use research to deploy solutions that improve air quality and address climate change.

By bringing together diverse stakeholders, promoting collaboration to harness the power of technology for social good, the Partnership has garnered international recognition for creating a model centered on driving meaningful progress toward more equitable and sustainable futures.