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Roop Singh

Roop Singh is interested in the idea of how technologies can help us to create a web of trust in an increasingly trustless, automated world. He believes that Blockchain-enabled identity will give us more agency over our own identities—offline, physical, biometric and digital—as we must adapt to a world of user-empowered data.

After over a decade years of driving change at the intersection of business and technology working with numerous Fortune 1000 companies, startups and multilateral UN programs, he saw firsthand the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of companies’ processes, technologies, consumer focus and, strategic alignment. He emerged by combining his passion for teaching and developed a multidisciplinary educational program- Blockchain Strategy Bootcamp. It converges - business architecture, innovation, social sciences, strategy, economics & technology - to develop future business models and markets.

He is the founder of Intuit Factory, an education and consulting firm. He’s co-founder of the startup Genesis Blox, a blockchain-enabled identity platform, and the author of the upcoming book: Blockchain: The Transformation Imperative. He’s also an avid meditator and a certified hypnotist.