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TEDx is about IDEAS and we are focused on featuring the boldest, brightest, and most innovative ideas that can change how people think about the world.


Ideas at TED/TEDx are generally expressed in 18 minutes or less. At TEDxAtlanta, each idea is shared in a 6- to 16-minute talk or talk/performance hybrid.

The annual conference is held in the March/April timeframe and the conference theme is announced 5 months prior to the conference. We curate ideas all through the year. Only submissions that are shortlisted will be contacted.

Ideas that make good TEDx Talks:

  • Provide a unique perspective on important and timely issues given by subject matter experts

  • New inventions, scientific and/or economic theories that will change the way we live, work and/or play. NOTE: inventions do not need to be commercially available

  • Universal insights gained through unusual or unexpected personal experiences

Talks that are NOT a Fit for TEDxAtlanta:

  • "How to be more successful" presentations

  • Motivational talks

  • Personal narratives

  • Canned talks that have been given in another conference/event

  • Commercial, sales pitches for a company or a product

  • Fundraising asks for a cause/company

Note: Enlisting your network to barrage us with nominations will not earn you a spot on the speaker line-up. Talks given at other TEDx events will not be considered.

What can TEDxAtlanta Speakers Expect if Selected?

Speakers range in age from high schoolers to septuagenarians and beyond.  


  • Speakers must demonstrate expertise, and where relevant, credentials in the field they are speaking about

  • Speakers may not promote themselves, their company, or a product from the TEDx stage.

  • Speakers cannot be paid for their talk

  • Speakers must have an average of 1-2 hours per week to devote to TEDx between selection and the event date

  • Speakers must agree to receive coaching by TEDxAtlanta’s coaching team

  • Speakers must attend the full dress rehearsal the day before the conference and to attend the entire conference

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