The 2017 TEDxPeachtree all-volunteer planning team.

The 2017 TEDxPeachtree all-volunteer planning team.

We want YOU for TEDxAtlanta...

Like thousands of other TEDx groups across the globe, TEDxAtlanta is planned and coordinated by an all-volunteer team who are passionate about TEDTalks and ideas worth sharing. Since 2009, more than 150 volunteers have left their mark and many come back each year to help create the magic that is the TEDxAtlanta experience! We are looking for resourceful individuals to join us for the 2018/2019 TEDxAtlanta season. 

We are currently curating volunteer candidates for our Adventures Team as well as a few other functional areas. Please fill out the form below and do give us 2-3 days to contact you.

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