Volunteer Spotlight: Emma Husk, Speaker Sherpa

Emma is an Atlanta-based creative pursuing a career in filmmaking. With her passion for visual storytelling, she aims to bring people together and effect change through art. Emma is a travel enthusiast, a comedy lover, and an extremely family-oriented individual, with her roots in a small town near Charlotte, North Carolina.

What First Drew You To TEDx?

EH: While attending the University of Georgia, Emma worked as a student volunteer for the TEDxUGA conferences offering her presentation-skills to peer and professional speakers preparing to take the main stage with their ideas. After graduating in 2022, Emma prepared to move from her hometown to Atlanta by immersing herself in the Atlanta community, one way being through TEDxAtlanta.

What’s Your Favorite Memory From Your Time Working With TEDx?

EH: As a part of the core-planning team for the 2023 TEDxAtlanta conference, Emma was a part of the Audience Experience team and helped with event day registration, vendor scheduling, and exhibit set-up. Her favorite memory took place at the very end of the conference when the MC invited all volunteers up on stage for a huge round of applauce from the audience! She recalls what a special feeling it was to play a role in such a large event that meant so much to so many people.

If You Could Describe Your Volunteer Experience With TEDxAtlanta In Three Words, What Would They Be?

EH: Collaborative + Creative + Community

What’s Something People Would Find Surprising About TEDx?

EH: It may come as a surprise to know that each TEDx event differs from the previous one. Emma enjoyed planning for the coming 2024 conference theme, speaker categories, and corresponding visual branding as each year aims to bring a fresh perspective, a novel way of framing each speakers message, and focus on a different sector of local life.
What’s Your Favorite TEDx Talk? (include link)
EH: My year of saying yes to everything“, by Shonda Rhimes

How Has Joining TEDx Changed Your Day-To-Day Life?

EH: As a newcomer to Atlanta, becoming part of the TEDx community facilitated Emma’s integration into her new surroundings. It provided access to diverse professional, creative, and social networks she might not have encountered otherwise. Through TEDx, she made new friends, gained valuable insights from fellow creatives, and discovered mentors to guide her professional journey.

Has TEDx Helped You Grow Professionally Or Personally?

EH: Emma felt empowered by TEDx as a young, emerging professional as the organization is dedicated to emphasizing the individual value and perspectives that each person possesses within and through her experience volunteering, she felt inspired to share more of what makes her unique and the messages she wants to spread.

Why Should Others Volunteer With TEDx?

EH: At TEDx, there’s a place for everyone. With flexibility in commitment levels to accommodate time constraints, scheduling, and personal interests, the volunteer team is incredibly encouraging and considerate. Their mission is to invest in you as an individual.