Chris McCord "We can all be someone's hero"

Born premature to a mother in a wheelchair and labeled with a Slow Learning Disability at age 6, the odds were stacked against Chris McCord. In this short but powerful performance talk, McCord takes us on a journey of how dance helped him resist gang life and to becoming a respected community leader and mentor to African American boys susceptible to the dangers of inner city life.

Jill Perry-Smith "What helps unlock our Inner creativity?"

Organizational behaviorist Jill Perry-Smith is fascinated by social ties and creative problem-solving at the workplace. She shares her latest research findings on the surprising role friends play in creative problem solving at work.

M. Ayodele Heath "Geneology of the Byrd Family"

Described as "'Roots' on a shoestring budget," this short poem traces the origins of the author's lineage and is beautifully performed the author himself, M. Ayodele Heath.

Jordan Amadio "Startups For Your Brain"

In this talk, Jordan Amadio makes a compelling case for how applying startup principles to neuroscience innovations can quickly identify ideas with high potential from those that don't.

Kirk Bowman "The world doesn’t need another new non-profit"

Political scientist and global development champion Kirk Bowman offers an alternative approach to international development projects and philanthropy.

HeaveN Beatbox & The Atlanta Celli "When Beatbox Meets Classical"

What do you get when you put a world champion beat-boxer with a classically trained cello quartet? Pure genius!

Moon Hooch "TEDxAtlanta Opening"

The musical equivalent of the TEDxAtlanta theme "Bold Moves," Moon Hooch kicked off the conference. The raw, kinetic sounds of saxophones and drums electrified the auditorium and set the energy at maximum volume. Moon Hooch is recreating the sounds and energy of dance club music with two horns and a drum set..

 Lee Thomas "Georgia Film Renaissance"

Georgia’s fast-growing film production industry is an engine for positive impact. Y’allywood has brought millions to our state’s economy and, along with it, a demand for Georgia craftspeople.

Hank Klibanoff "Shining A Light On Racially Motivated Cold Cases"

It’s Not Too Late To Give Meaning To Lives Lost To Racially Motivated Crimes During The Civil Rights Era. Emory University Journalism Students Are Shining A New Light On Cold Cases From This Era.

Jasmine Burton "Innovation to sanitation through empathic design"

When an industrial designer takes an empathic approach to a problem, the result can improve millions of lives. One such breakthrough is restoring dignity and hope to many who live in countries with little or no sanitation measures.

Andrea Thomaz "The next frontier in robotics: social, collaborative robots"

Roboticist Andrea Thomaz gives us an under-the-hood peak at what is coming in the field of Robotics where robots will eventually be able to function and collaborate with humans as naturally as humans do with each other in social situations. 

Alistair Dove "The ocean is the best friend we don't know"

Marine biologist Alistair Dove thinks a better understanding of the ocean and the animals in it will be vital to sustaining the quality of life on this planet and in this talk, he provides compelling reasons why.

Theresa Davis "Like, Like"

Nothing is more powerful and enduring than love. Be it romantic love or a mother's love for her child. Acclaimed slam poet Theresa Davis performs Like, Like, a sweet ode to love.

Jenay Beer "Will assistive robots transform our golden years of retirement?"

Human Robot Interaction is a budding field of study and engineering psychologist Jenay Beer gives us a glimpse into what awaits us in our golden years if it is allowed to take off.

Glenn “Daddy-O” Bolton "How Winning in Hip-Hop Led to Winning in Business & Life"

In this short but entertaining talk, Glenn Bolton, aka Professor Daddy-O, shares the secret to his success in the highly competitive music industry that is relevant to anyone from any industry.

Arrested Development "Surprise Finale"

An groundbreaking band whose music has had ripple effects across the globe since 1991 rounded out the day and sent attendees home with more than a song in their hearts.

Amanda Rhein "Turning community dead zones into destinations"

"Underperforming asphalt" is what Amanda Rhein thinks about every day. Atlanta's rapid transit system, MARTA, is leading conversations about public spaces, expanding not only underground but above, transforming lifeless parking lots into vibrant mixed-use centers. Amanda Rhein is turning community dead zones into destinations.

DeShawn Jenkins "Africa Atlanta"

Atlanta and Africa are forging deep bonds through arts and culture, languages that are spoken around the world.

Jonathan Rapping "Building a new generation of public defenders"

Gideon’s Promise is inspiring a new generation of public defenders facing “the nation’s greatest civil rights issue today” – the tragic shortage of representation for those who can’t afford a lawyer.

Dr. Sheri Davis-Faulkner "Connecting communities to progress and prosperity"

Atlanta’s growing cohort of leaders is bringing hope and promise to some of Atlanta’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Jennice Vilhauer "Why you don't get what you want; it's not what you expect"

Psychologist Dr. Jennice Vilhauer explains the psychological and clinical reasons why *we* are at the heart of *why* we're not living the life that we want in this fascinating talk and what we can do about it. 

Eric Dozier "Uniting the world, one song at a time"

For Eric Dozier, music doesn't just lift the heart and the soul, it is a force for social change. Through a rousing performance, he shows how it can be a unifying force that cuts across social, cultural and racial differences.

Galo Alfredo Naranjo "Moving with Purpose"

How do we find personal and spiritual fulfillment? Financial analyst turned movement educator Galo Alfredo Naranjo believes that physical movement can unlock our full potential. Through this talk, he challenges conventional perceptions of physical activity and wellness.

Richard Wright "The Ripple Effects of a Cashless Society"

With countries like Sweden and Denmark moving closer to becoming cashless societies, Richard Wright unveils results of a study on the unexpected consequences when less coin and currency is being used for daily purchases.

Brian Magerko "The Magic of Music in Computer Science Learning"

Brian Magerko is a cognitive scientist and champion of integrating the arts and computer science. In this talk he shows how music can be used teach computer programming among girls and teens of color when the barrier of having to learn music theory is removed. 

Doug Hooker "Reshaping cities through innovation and imagination"

Atlanta needs strong, visionary leaders to prepare our city for the 3 million new neighbors arriving in the next 25 years. Doug Hooker is reshaping cities through innovation and imagination. The increasing complexities metropolitan regions face gives many people cause for concern for how current and foreseeable issues will be addressed.

Susanna Spiccia "Giving voice to communities through its youth"

“What would it take for a child to go from apathy to action?” At re:imagine/ATL, empowerment, along with a large dose of Spiccia’s infectious optimism, are changing our city one young person at a time.

Dr. Gregory Berns "How dogs love us"

Ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Does he really miss you when you’re gone? Finally, we have the answer, thanks to MRI technology.

Moon Hooch "TEDxAtlanta Closing"

The threesome book-ended the day, closing with sounds that made it easy to understand why spontaneous raves erupted when they performed in New York City subway stations.