Unveiling the Future: Exploring the Kendeda Building, Southeast’s First Living Building

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design at Georgia Tech is the southeast United States’ first Living Building, earning the world’s most ambitious green building certification in 2021.This pioneering structure, made possible by a $30 million grant, showcases regenerative design principles and serves as a model for environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic development. With features like a 330-kilowatt solar canopy providing 225% of its energy needs, rainwater harvesting, and chemical-free materials, the Kendeda Building treats stormwater, conserves potable water, and lowers flood risks. It also promotes universal access through an accessible ramp design.

The building hosts exhibitions celebrating gender equality, sustainability, and diverse perspectives, fostering a space for reimagining the future through art and technology. Its biophilic design connects occupants with nature, incorporating elements like exposed wood, natural light, and a rooftop garden with beehives and pollinator plants. As a living laboratory, the Kendeda Building inspires students and industry professionals to continually innovate and raise the bar for sustainable, equitable, and regenerative design.

The Kendeda Building’s innovative design and commitment to sustainability make it the perfect venue to host the upcoming TEDxAtlanta Salon focused on the transition to clean energy. We are thrilled to partner with the Georgia Tech community to facilitate thought-provoking discussions that will inspire attendees and further the important work of sustainability.

This event is a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the remarkable features of the southeast’s first Living Building, from its 330-kilowatt solar canopy to its rooftop beehives, and to explore the complexities of the clean energy transition.

To see more photos of the building, visit our Flickr.

Thank you to our sponsors, ATDC and PIN.