applied experimental psychologist
augmented reality expert

Anne Mclaughlin
Maribeth Gandy Coleman

Long-time collaborators Anne and Maribeth share the psychological biases hindering breakthrough teamwork and how to overcome them.

Anne McLauglin designs better human-computer interactions that solve real world problems by studying human ability, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the mind.

Maribeth Gandy Coleman works at the intersection mobile/wearable computing, augmented reality, human computer interaction, assistive technology, and gaming.

Over the course of 20 years, Anne and Maribeth’s collaborations have received support from the National Science Foundation and NASA. 

Anne directs North Carolina State University’s Learning, Aging, and Cognitive Ergonomics Lab (LaceLab) and co-directs its Gains Through Gaming Lab. She holds a doctorate in engineering psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Maribeth directs the Interactive Media Technology Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology and holds a doctorate in computer science from the same. 


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